What Do I Get the Beauty Vlogger That Has Everything?

? Look at this dresser, treasures untold. How many wonders can one beauty blogger own? Looking around her room…you’d think: sure, she has everything!?

We hope y’all enjoyed our quick remix to this classic and super relevant Little Mermaid jam, because it totally represents how we feel when we’re shopping for the beauty queens in our lives. They seem to have all the essentials to support their glamorous passion, so where do you start when figuring out what to get them for their upcoming birthday? Below you’ll find some of our suggestions to help you secure a solid present in time for the celebration.

the latest and the greatest

Anything that’s fairly new to the shelves is most likely on your beauty guru’s radar, but probably not in her possession just yet! Some items that are highly anticipated this fall:

Lauren Conrad’s New Line at Kohl’s

Can you believe it’s been over a decade since the world fell in love with LC? Her style is timeless and these chic looks will surely be adored by the birthday babe. The new Lauren Conrad runway line at Kohl’s launches Wednesday, September 6. Warm jewel tones, crushed velvet, and soft shimmery satins are slated to be gorgeously represented in this collection. Shop the line, here.

Pat McGrath’s Newest Collection at Sephora

Not a drill: Pat McGrath, the living legend, referred to as the “World’s Most Influential Makeup Artist” by Vogue and Allure, is launching a transformative collection of 61 products (to follow her limited edition capsule collection – which sold out instantly this summer). It promises to be jam-packed with thoughtful touches based on her own secrets and insights (from decades of runway experience). Basically, any item from this line will be cherished by your beauty enthusiast. The roll-out of this new collection will happen in phases throughout September, but if you sign-up and subscribe on her website – you’ll be invited to secret pre-sales before the official launch. The full collection will be available at Sephora on October 6.

the tried and tested

Are there any products that your beauty babe raves about on a regular basis? What’s her go-to perfume, mascara, or preferred makeup wipe? A great gift option is to refill the basics that are bound to run out because she uses them religiously. Some classics include: Chanel, No. 5Saint Laurent Mascara, and MAC Demi Wipes

the trial and error

Another great option is to gift your beauty enthusiast a travel-sized or tester version of trendy items. This way, she can have a taste of new products without the pressure of long-term commitment. This Smashbox Try It Kit, features five trial-sized versions of the brand’s top products (a $63 value, sold for $24!).

a gift that brings birthday fun, months to follow

Another amazing present idea for a beauty lover is a subscription box membership or a magazine subscription. These presents are delivered monthly, and allow you to gift them for just a few months or a full year (based on your budget). Subscriptions to boxes start at just $10/month, like this one from Ipsy.


Or score an annual Cosmo subscription for only $5 (!!) through Amazon.

the ‘wrap’-up

Though it may feel daunting to shop for someone that already has so many items to support their passion – there are lots of ways to surprise them with something new, interesting, and creative to speak to their interests and leave a memorable impression. 

Let us know what you ended up gifting in the comments, and how your loved one enjoyed the present you landed on. Also, are you a beauty enthusiast? – let us know what items you LOVE to receive on birthdays or special occasions.

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