Super Bowl Snacks, The Real MVP of Game Day


The Super Bowl is such a fun time to bring together your favorite people to make lasting memories. And no matter what team you’re rooting for, or whether you even like football, I’m sure we can all agree that the best part of game day is sure to be the snacks. We’ve rounded up ten superb super bowl spreads that are fun, easy, and sure to be a huge hit next Sunday. Check them out here:

For the Pre-Game


This jalapeño popper football cheese ball is the perfect snack to have out for when company first arrives. It looks great and on theme, only takes 17 minutes to prep and cook, and pairs well with any snack you might have in the pantry to replenish as the night goes on (veggies, crackers, bread, pretzels).


For the love of Wings


Game day and homegates defintely call for wings. It’s like a law or something. For your game day, take a look here on how to make four different kinds of wings with one easy, streamlined approach.


For the Vegetarians


Did we mention wings were law for game day? No-vegetarian-left-behind with these delicious ‘sticky honey sriracha cauliflower wings – so yummy everyone will want a taste.


For the Cheese Lovers


Try this loaded cowboy queso is perfect with a bag of tortilla chips. Keep the go to snack on the coffee table for those glued to the screen, or see our next suggestion for where else to use it.


For the love of Assembling

Heat up some wonton wrappers in the oven, and layout classic taco toppings for your guests to make these adorable mini taco bowls during a time out or in between drinks. Practical and delicious. Game on.

For the love of Spice


Why decide between jalapeño poppers or pigs in a blanket? For the love of novelty, creativity and spice – we present: jalapeño popper pigs in a blanket.


For the Kiddos


These cheeseburger tots are fun, packed with some of your kids favorite things and creative without being messy to eat. Also great for the adults, obviously.

For the Love of Keeping Theme



Two words: SNACK. STADIUM. You can buy a store bought kit for the structure (like this one), and mix and match your snacks to create a fun and memorable display.

For the ‘Za


Texas toast is delicious, but turning it into pizza takes the experience to a whole new level. Buy frozen Texas toast, or make your own – make a tray of cheese or pepperoni, or have your guests pick and choose their own toppings – the options are endless.

For a Sweet Ending


These gorgeous pink chocolate covered strawberries are perfect quick bites between the salty and savory snack spread. You might even consider these awesome sprinkles from our shop to add a gorgeous finishing touch to your desserts. And if you want to continue with the theme, take a stab at making these football shaped chocolate covered strawberries, instead!


Are you hosting super bowl this year? Let us know what snacks you go with for the big day, in the comments! Are you attending a super bowl party? Check out some of our favorite hostess gifts here. Bon appétit!


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