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No one can say no to these delicious food gifts. Choose from artisanal chocolates, loose leaf teas, small-batch honey, unique sprinkle medleys, and more. Adding a food item to a gift bundle will elevate your gift-giving.

Think of all the gifting combinations you can create with food gifts – a special mug with a brand new tea to try, a champagne glass set with a rosé flavored chocolate, a birthday cake piñata with colorful celebratory sprinkles – you’ll soon become the most thoughtful gift giver among your friends.

Food gifts like a Homemade Hot Sauce Kit are more than just delicious. They create experiences for the one you’re celebrating, so they will build fond memories around it. Making it a more meaningful gift than just a simple variety pack of hot sauces.

Our Cup of Sunshine loose leaf tea is one of our favorite food gifts for that ray of sunshine in your life that also loves tea. This blend features tumeric and ginger, so in addition to tasting amazing, it also supports a great immune system.