A Perfect Day in Santa Monica, CA (Home of Sugar Paper)

Santa Monica, California is located in Los Angeles and is nestled right on the Pacific coast, with amazing views of the ocean, mountains, and some of the best food and fun you’ll ever enjoy. If you have one day to spend in the darling neighborhood we hope you get a chance to experience these gems:

10 AM

Heading into town, you’ll most likely be cruising on the Pacific Coast Highway, and with views like this you already know your day is off to a great start:

For the most important meal of the day, we’re going to insist you pop into Bru’s Wiffle. They believe that everything tastes better with a waffle (and they’re not wrong), so whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory – Bru’s has your back.

Once you’ve wrapped up breakfast, we highly recommend going for a stroll around Brentwood Country Mart. Grab a pick-me-up from Caffe Luxxe to combat the itis and enjoy some gorgeous latte art from these pros:

With coffee in hand, pop into some of the cutest shops in all the land, especially Sugar Paper. The impeccable decor and elegant stationery will have you wanting to start sending snail mail to all your friends at home, ASAP.

1 PM

After Brentwood Country Mart, time for lunch! Drive on over to R+D Kitchen on Montana Avenue to enjoy some delicious bites and cozy atmosphere.

Take a stroll down Montana over to the world famous Santa Monica Pier and take a ride on their ferris wheel:

3 PM

After you’re done at the pier, walk over to the beach and rent some bikes from Perry’s Cafe and Rentals to cruise along the shore and take in all the Pacific Ocean glory. You can also just lay out on the beach or play some volleyball if you’re in the mood for more of a beach day. Either way, you’re sure to have a blast.

5 PM

Time to head back up to the promenade and enjoy happy hour! Stop in at The Misfit for a cocktail while you wait for your dinner table. Their happy hour actually runs from open until 7 p.m. every day, so you can tell they know how to have a good time.

8 PM

You would be remiss if you didn’t catch the sunset over the coast after dinner. The Bungalow has perfect vista views to close out your day in Santa Monica. You can play ping pong, billiards, or just enjoy the feel of endless summer and lavish decor as you reminisce on the day with your travel buds.

Let us know your Santa Monica favorites in the comments!

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