Movie Night Care Package

Being in a long distance relationship is difficult for many reasons, but sometimes the smallest things, like ending the week with a movie and some cuddling on the couch, are the simple pleasures you find yourself missing the most. Today we’re talking about how to plan a perfect long-distance date with a movie-night care package for your honey.

the anatomy of a perfect movie night care package

When putting together a thoughtful movie night care package, think about everything you like to have nearby on a Friday night in.

  1. PICK THE MOVIE! Might be obvious, but the first step is to pick a movie with some special significance. Maybe it’s the first movie you saw in the theater together? Maybe it’s one that recently came out but you haven’t had a chance to see together, like Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2.
  2. GRAB SOME SNACKS. Let your movie choice inform the snacks you send (Watching Elf? Send them a bottle of syrup!) or stick to the classics, like popcorn, red vines, and chocolate.
  3. ADD SOME BOOZE. One of the best parts of movie nights at home is being able to grab a glass of wine or bottle of beer mid-movie, which you can’t do at just any theater. So, send your honey a box wine, just in case they don’t have any libations on hand at home.
  4. GET COZY. Since we picked Guardians of the Galaxy, we love these space socks to make our movie night extra comfy. You could also send a new throw blanket to wrap your boo in, or even a sweater (like the initial sweaters Ron’s mom makes Harry and her kids!). And to add to the space theme, we also included a pack of twinkle lights. But you could also substitute with a candle for some warmth!

We’d love to hear your ideas! What do you love to have for movie nights? Let us know in the comments.

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