I Got it From My Mama: Mother’s Day Gifts to Honor the Hobbies You and Your Mom Share

You’ve always looked up to your mom, and how could you not? She was your first role model, supports you unconditionally and has given you so much perspective on life.

One of the best parts of growing older and closer to your mama is realizing how many of your hobbies you’ve gotten from the queen herself, and being able to develop a true friendship based on your shared interests. This Mother’s Day, we encourage you to honor that friendship and those hobbies by grabbing a token inspired with your relationship in mind. Here’s our 2018 “I Got it From My Mama” Gift Guide:

For Your Shared Love of Coffee

You watched your mom begin her morning with a cup for years, and now you love nothing more than catching up with her over a freshly brewed pot. Mother’s day is the perfect time to tell your ma how much those moments mean to you!

World’s Greatest Coffee Mug – $14

Streetlevel Espresso Coffee Beans – $16

Coffee + Mint Body Scrub – $24

For Your Shared Love of Decorating

Your mom’s taste is impeccable, and thank god that’s something you’ve inherited from her. Here are some gift ideas to honor your love of decorating and your mom’s knack for making home feel like home.

Old Home Love – $30

Floral Tea Towels – $20


Jardin de Paris Candle – $30

For Your Shared Love of Sentiment

You hold onto the tiny things to help you remember your favorite memories. This love of sentiment is one you share with your mom. Some ideas she will truly cherish:

You’re My Person Trinket Tray – $16

Blessed Bracelet – $35

Infinite Love Necklace – $50

For Your Shared Love of Sweets

You have a sweet tooth and you totally got this one from your mama. Here are some darling tokens she would love to honor your shared love of sugar.

All Kinds of Happy Sprinkle Medley – $10

Sugar Endearment Mug – $16

Sparkling Pink Rosé Champagne Truffles – $22


For Your Shared Love of Wine

The best person to share a bottle of wine with? Obviously your mom. Pick out one of these wine themed presents to commemorate one of your favorite activities:

Roses + Rosé + White Chocolate Bar – $10

Cheers Wine Glass – $14

Wine Deck – $16

For Your Shared Love of Traveling

Your mom is totally your favorite travel bud! Here are some fun Mother’s Day gifts that will have her looking forward to your next adventure:

Magnolia Weekend Set – $10

Passport Pocket Notebook Set – $15

Margarita Carry On Cocktail Kit – $25

Looking to mix and match these items into a custom bundle? Assemble your own gift bundle here! Remember all items always come wrapped for free, and paired with a hand-written card (also for free)! #GiftMagically


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