Grandparent’s Day Gift Ideas

Grandparent’s Day is next Sunday, September 10th. If you have little ones, this is your chance to let your parents and in-laws know just how much their love and support means to you. Whether you opt for a store-bought present or a home-made one, it won’t take much to make a big impression.


reading time material

Reading to little kids is one of the most magical moments you can share. Grandparents would love to have a book about them around so they can snuggle up with their minis and experience the joy of reading together. Shop grandpa here and grandma here. (Psst… for bilingual families, also available in Spanish here and here!)

coordinating coffee mugs

Chances are that your parents and in-laws already have an impressive coffee mug collection, but one that compliments how amazing they are as grandparents will surely become their new go-to cups of choice! Shop them here. 

life story journals

Gifts that keep on giving are the best because they create memories and shared experiences. These journals are meant for your children to fill out with their grandparents together. Full of interesting prompts and questions about their grandparent’s childhood and life story, your kids and parents will have so much fun reminiscing. Shop grandma and grandpa.



heart handprint canvas

Everyone is a sucker for tiny handprints. This DIY is best for elementary-aged kids who can handle paint on their hands without squirming or trying to eat it. Have all your children work together on this one and frame it so that it’s ready to put up at the grandparents’ house! Click here for the tutorial. 

grandkids wood sign photo display

A perfect gift if your child is too little to help out. Your parents and in-laws will love this easy-to-update photo display – especially if you print out some of those adorable Instagram shots and fill it up beforehand! Click here for the tutorial. 

photo bookmarks with tassels

If your kids are already tweens or teenagers, this is probably the easiest thing you can do with them. All you need is a silly photo of them with their hands in the air! This super simple DIY will be a cute (and useful!) surprise for grandparents who love to read. Click here for the tutorial. 

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