Gift Card Pairings

Although we’re all about beautifully wrapped presents, there are times when a gift card is the best gift you can give! Especially when the recipient is going through a period with lots of expenses – like getting married, moving to a new house, having a baby – and convenience is key. But we know that sometimes a gift card just seems so… lazy. So we came up with a few gift card and small gift pairings that will turn your present into a thoughtful little bundle!

movie gift card

If you want to gift them a night out on the town, think about what else they’ll have to spend money on. Movie theater snacks are extremely overpriced, but easy to sneak in inside a purse! Pick out a movie theater gift card and add a box of buncha crunch (for just $1 more).


department store gift card

If they just got a new job, they’ll definitely want to shop for new work outfits, so a department store card is great. Or maybe you just want to spoil them because they deserve something new and shiny. Get a gift card from their favorite department store and add a face mask (just $2.50) for the full pampering experience.


hobby gift card

Maybe you know that they are really into a certain hobby, like scrapbooking, but you have no idea what they already have and what they need. Instead of asking about it, get them a gift card to their favorite hobby store and let them pick it exactly what they need! Pair it with the start of a project like this wood letter (just $4) which they can customize in any way.


digital entertaining gift card

Whether they have an iPhone or an Android phone, chances are they use an app store somehow in their daily lives. And the best part is that online, a dollar goes a long way, so you don’t have to get a very expensive card. Pick out your favorite digital entertainment gift card and pair it with a calming candle (just $5 and many of them go on sale for less!).


restaurant gift card

Eating out is one of the most expensive daily habits we have and if they always go out for lunch, it definitely adds up. Get them a gift card to their most-craved lunch spot and pair it with a fun drink – you’ll make their day.


makeup gift card

If you’re a girl, you know that just picking up a tube of concealer and some blush can run you over $50. If you’re not a girl, please take our word for it. A makeup gift card is a blessing to any woman out there. Pair it with an essential tool, like this eyelash curler (just $2!!! gotta love e.l.f.) to give her more bang for her buck.


starbucks gift card

It’s a love-hate relationship right? We all NEED that pumpkin spice latte, but we all CRINGE at having to fork over $5-6 every morning for a cup of coffee. Help them feel less guilty with a Starbucks gift card that will last them a few days, and pair it with a cute coffee mug (we got this one on clearance for $1.98!) because you get 10 cents off if you bring your own cup.


What’s your favorite gift card to give? Tell us below and we’ll offer you a fun pairing under $5!

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