Do you wrap each present purchased through the Gift Fairy shop?

Yes! Once you’ve selected your perfect present, we want you to leave our store and be able to look forward to your special occasion. To help with that, all gifts purchased in our store are wrapped thoughtfully and finished with a hand-written card. The items can be picked-up or delivered (straight to the recepient or to your house). We focus on the details that transform the item to a perfect gift, so you can focus on the celebrating!

What paper and wrap add-ons (Fairy Dust) are included in the Free Fairy Wrap option?

We have a selection of papers, as well as beautiful wrap add ons (“Fairy Dust”) that we utilize for our “Free Fairy Wrap” service. We ensure these presents will be beautiful and thoughtfully wrapped with your occasion in mind, but in order to keep up with demand, the free service puts the choice of your paper and wrap details in Fairy hands. If you would like to select your specific wrapping paper or wrap add-ons, we recommend you select “Premium Fairy Wrap” at checkout, putting the details back in your hands.

Can I customize how I want my gift wrapped? (i.e. specific paper, ribbon colors, bundling gifts into one box, etc.)

You can certainly share your wrap requests with us, by filling out the special notes section at checkout. Please note some accomodations may incur an additional charge (i.e. “Premium Fairy Wrap” or certain “Fairy Dust” wrap add-ons), but we will always run those past you and gain your approval before fulfilling the request or charging your card.

I'm a little confused about where to start when it comes to gift-giving. Would your team be able to help me with suggestions for an upcoming occasion?

Absolutely! If you have an occasion coming up where you could use some friendly advice (no pressure to buy or gimmicks), go ahead and shoot us a message in the contact portal (link) so we can connect you with our Gift Fairy Concierge. We’ll circle back to learn some details (who the gift is for, when you need it by, what your price point is, and any other details about the occasion you have to share) and be happy to point you to some items we think would suit your gifting needs. Once you’ve decided on a gift, we’ll even wrap it beautifully, finish with a handwritten note, and have it ready for pickup or delivery (to you or to the recepient). We look forward to hearing from you!

I'm looking on your site and found the perfect present for an upcoming occasion, but it's still a month away until I truly need it - could I purchase now, and have you store until the occasion draws near? Do you charge for storage?

As a special launch promo, any item purchased in our shop is welcome to enjoy free storage for 2 months (15 cents for each day that follows). Just let us know when you’re ready to send the present out, and to what address, and we’ll have the present ready to go when the occasion is near.

How does Gift Fairy decide which items to carry?

We do extensive research on our favorite brands, and upcoming trends, to be able to stock cult favorites and new retail finds with all recepients in mind. If you have a certain brand in mind that you love and would like to see us carry, feel free to shoot us a note in our contact form. We love hearing from our customers!

There was an item that I recently saw in stock that is now sold out, will you be ordering more?

In an attempt to serve each customer’s gifting needs, we aim to continually update the items we have in stock. Some items are certainly going to be staples on our shelves, but many will be replaced by other uniquely curated items that are sure to be perfect for your loved ones. Feel free to send us a note about the specific item you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know if we are expecting more or point you to the newest “Fairy Finds” we feel would be perfect for your gifting needs.