Celebrating Blessings (Unwinding from Stressings)

Since 1992, April has been recognized as National Stress Awareness Month. What’s neat about this thirty day period? There is an entire community that joins forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for the modern day stress epidemic. Yes, an epidemic – which proves, we’re in this together.

One of our favorite ways to destress around here is (clearly) celebrating. But, celebrating doesn’t always mean a party to us or some elaborate production.

Want to take a look at some of our favorite ways to unwind and sneak a little bit of fun in between the chaos of everyday life? Keep reading! Whether we’re celebrating ourselves or loved ones, accomplishments big or small, or even just getting through the other side of a hard week, here’s how we focus on our blessings over our stressings:

Make a Delicious Meal

Okay, so cooking can totally be a chore. But, we all gotta eat right? Why not make it something you look forward to by making something you’re craving? If you’re alone, put on your favorite show while you’re preparing your favorite bites, or pour yourself a glass of wine to begin the unwinding process nice and early. If you’re making the meal for some of your favorite people, why not get them involved in the prep or have them pull up a chair while you’re in the kitchen and clock in some time to catch up on each other’s lives. Quality time + delicious bites = the perfect recipe for a lovely evening.

Some of our favorite cookbooks:

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen / $30
Chrissy Teigen’s love for food is beautifully conveyed in this gorgeous and thoughtful compilation of recipes that she deems “food you [actually] want to eat” – gorgeous photography and accessible flavors make “Cravings” a huge hit, making any ordinary meal more remarkable.

Love and Lemons / $35
Jeanine Donofrio’s cookbook, Love and Lemons, aims to add a little spark and change-up any cooking routine that’s found itself in a lull. More than one hundred simple recipes that turn your farmers market finds (or whatever you have on hand) into delicious meals. This book makes a great gift for anyone that’s a chef-in-training, bought a new home, or frequents the farmers market and is always looking for thoughtful cooking inspiration.

The Newlywed Cookbook / $35
This cook book by Sarah Copeland is the go-to gift for new brides and grooms. Featuring a guide to domestic bliss alongside 130 recipes for contemporary and classic cooking, this book will be cherished by your friends that just tied the knot.

A Beautiful Mess Weekday Weekend / $25
A Beautiful Mess (ABM) is one of the most popular DIY style blogs in the world, and a personal favorite here at Gift Fairy HQ – of which, the co-creators Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson, don’t disappoint in this unique and approachable book that features their diet with fans and healthy eaters while still making sure to get your treats in.

Learn Something New

Taking the focus off of work or the things you have to do, and instead taking the time to do something you want to do, can be a huge way to recenter.

The Illuminated Tarot / $18
This colored tarot deck and guidebook will lead your friends into hours of fun and games, focusing on enlightenment and self-awareness. The illustrated cards fold to a traditional card deck to be doubly used for other card games. 

Calligraphy Starter Kit / $60
If you consider yourself a lettering enthusiast or new to the calligraphy world, this starter kit equips you with everything to becoming a hand-lettering pro. Some time learning a new skill, practicing an existing one, and writing love notes – sounds like a great time to us!

Whiskey Recipe Glass / $14
Do you love whiskey cocktails? But don’t know where to start assembling one? This whiskey recipe glass will help you nail the measurements, every time.

Eat Some Chocolate

Cause, obviously chocolate makes everything better.

Compartes Chocolate Bar / $10
This line of chocolate bars are not your average treats. Browse now to see our favorite combinations alongside chocolate: pretzels, potato chips, birthday cake, and so much more.

Sparkling Pink Rosé Champagne Truffles / $22
These luxurious pink champagne infused truffles are enrobed in a milk chocolate shell, and dusted to a perfection with cocoa powder.

Give Journaling a Try

Jot down a note. Write out a poem. Make a list. Why is putting pen to paper so cathartic?

Note to Self Notebook Set / $15

This gorgeous set of pocket jotters feature a navy notebook with gold foil lettering to encourage charming notes to self.

Vintage Blossoms Notebook Set / $18
The perfect sized notebooks for the list maker in your life to organize their thoughts, jot down to-do’s and unlined to leave room for doodles and day dreams.

Mint Bullet Journal / $15

Form meets function in this beautiful striped mint notebook. Perfect for bullet journaling, with a page finder template and ruler, a pen holder, printed with soy inks on acid-free paper.

Think Forward to Your Next Adventure

Plan a trip. Make some memories. See the world.

The Bucket List / $35
If you have a thirst for adventure, The Bucket List by Kath Stathers – is an exclectic guide that features a range of unique and thrilling activities to experience. Get out of your head and start thinking about your next journey.

The Margarita Carry On Cocktail Kit / $25

Cocktails near the cockpit are usually a travel-must, but we think it’s time to step up the hooch game with these premium carry-on kits that hold all the ingredients to make a stellar margarita.

New England Road Trip Guide / $25

No one should take a New England road trip without this field guide. We repeat: No. One. 145 pages of iconic destination recommendations, best lobster shacks, and other adventures to pack the trip with memories that will last a lifetime.

Spa Night

What better way to unwind than to spend an evening focusing on nothing but yourself?

Magnolia Bath Salts / $15

Immerse yourself in a warm, soothing bath. The amazing aroma and minerals in this bath salt will create a truly serene soaking experience that is perfect to unwind of any long day.

Rose Kaolin + Papaya Radiance Mask / $25

Is it just us or do face masks hold some sort of secret relaxing power?

Golden Coast Soy Candle / $22

Light up a candle, turn off the lights and breathe in the quiet. You’re here and it’s wonderful.

Make a Toast

Raise a glass of whatever you’re having to yourself, to your loved ones, and to all the blessings you have to count.

Cheers Stemless Champagne Glasses / $24

Sip some bubbly with your favorite babe. If it’s time for a toast, these are the stemless champagne glasses you’ll need to mark any special ocassion.

Celebrate Shot Glass Set / $20

The most charming touch to kick-off any celebration. These festive shot glass set features a trio of excitement in gold lettering, with colorful polka dots to accent the good times.

Salut! Flask / $25

This stainless steel flask is perfect for any one that likes a touch of their hooch on-the-go. A time-honored accessory and engraved to read “Salut!” across the front, this flask is sure to be present for some of the best memories.

What’s your favorite way to unwind? Let us know in the comments!

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