20 Valentine’s Day Presents Under $20 for Her

The season of love is upon us, and cupid has struck you lucky with love. You have a hot date with your S.O. on Feb. 14th, and you’re wasting no time putting together the evening’s itinerary. Now, as you begin to plan your Valentine’s Day, you quickly realize your perfect dinner reservation, the perfect outfit and the perfect gift are adding up to be a perfect nightmare for your bank account. Well, we’re here to assure you (and your bank account) that Valentine’s Day can, in fact, go a long way with a thoughtful evening of memory-making and a token of affection. And today we’re sharing 20 gift ideas – sure to impress, all under $20! Check them out here:



1. Pretty Thoughts – $6.50

A beautiful blush pink jacket with gold foil is perfect for your favorite person to jot down their “Pretty Thoughts” – a great accessory for any Boss Babe as she powers through her day (at school, work, or manning the home front). Fits perfectly in a glove compartment or in most bags, this pocket jotter is a useful gift for any special occasion.

2. Magnolia Bath Salts in a Bag – $15

Your loved one is waiting to immerse themselves in a warm, soothing bath with these natural magnolia bath salts. The amazing aroma and minerals will create a truly serene soaking experience that is perfect to unwind of any long day. Makes a thoughtful gift for your Valentine.

3. Macaroon Limoge Box – $10

These delicious limoge trinket boxes come in five dreamy colors and are the perfect present for your travel-loving boo to store trinkets on the go, at work, on or on her bureau at home.

4. Rose Gold Heart Tea Infuser – $10

This gorgeous rose gold heart-shaped tea infuser is a lovely token to share with your tea enthusiast, and doubles as a stir stick. A useful everyday item that your Valentine will find a charming addition to their morning routine.

5. Mixed Berries and Dark Chocolate Bar: Spring Awakening – $10

This dark chocolate bar is a depth of flavor perfectly hand-studded with all natural strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Robust and perfectly sweet gesture for that ‘berry’ special person in your life.

6. Whiskey Recipe Glass – $14

Take your boo’s love for whiskey to the next level with this recipe glass that features seven delectable recipes, and measurements that will deliver the perfect cocktail every time. A memorable present for many nightcaps to follow.

7. Cup of Love Loose Leaf Tea – $10

This mild, nuturing, naturally sweet rose tea, is a floral sip for your loved one to enjoy, while they unwind, de-stress, and reflect on their love for you.

8. Salud Beer Pub Glass – $12

Celebrate your strongest friendships and even stronger love with this gold-foil Spanish toast pub glass.

9. Stay Fancy Wine Glass – $14

Tip your hat off to your lady that loves wine and having a good time. This gold-foil accented stemmed wine glass is a perfect and thoughtful gift, that she’ll enjoy with her favorite wine after a long day at work or your next date night.

10. Maine Blueberry Honey – $16

Did you ever think you would see a day where a jar of honey would be the ‘MAINE’ attraction on a dining table? Well, here we are. This Blueberry honey features sweet and earthy components with a playful, buttery sweet note to finish. Give your foodie valentine a jar of this, and if you’re lucky, they’ll share when you stop by.

11. Bronson Dark Roast Coffee – $16

This dark roast has a deep structure and a full body to yield a dark chocolate savor. It’s smooth profile makes an adaptable blend that offers a flavorful cup whether served black, with milk, or the cream and sugar of your choice. The coffee lover in your life will look forward to waking up to a cup of this every morning.

12. Darling Endearment Mug – $16

Tell your darling you’ll never let her down with this cup of endearment. At 20 oz, this mug will be a perfect companion to every morning and a wonderful present for any special occasion.

13. Wine Deck – $16

The Wine Deck is a medium bodied work that pairs well with your wine lover’s favorite glass and a cozy night of conversation. This is the perfect present for Valentine whose first love will always be a bottle of red.

14. You’re My Person Tray – $16

Sometimes ‘best friend’ seems like an understatement to describe the bond between you and your partner-in-crime. Gift this darling porcelain trinket dish to your ride or die, and she’ll love seeing it every day on her vanity to remind her of this special holiday together.

15. To Be Continued Bookmark – $12

This beautiful brass bookmark is a perfect gift for the lit lover in your life that always has a book nearby, and gorgeously engraved “To Be Continued” so they can keep their nose in their book and never lose a page.

16. Fancy Gold Sparklettes – $10

One of the best parts of spending holidays together with your S.O. is making memories together. These sparklettes will be a great gift to commemorate the ‘spark’ you two have for each other, and a fun (and super instagrammable) way to end the evening.

17. Golden Book of Fortune Telling – $15

A super fun activity to do together? Browsing through this broad range book of fortune telling by K.C. Jones. A brilliant and unique gift for anyone curious about the meaning of names, zodiac signs, birthdays, and unveils the significance behind friendships, color choices, love interests, while also providing fun and entertaining predictions for career, self-fulfillment, romance and health. Perfect coffee table book or a way to tell someone you ‘see’ them in your future. XO.

18. Luggage Tags, True Love – $16

These classic colored leatherette luggage tags are the perfect present for your Valentine that’s also your recent fiancé or new bride. A great token to share as you plan your honeymoon or next adventure.

19. Press for Champagne, Keychain – $16

Inspired by the London restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard’s “Press For Champagne” buttons at each table, this painted design is perfect for your deco-style doorbell. A brass and enamel gem that your champagne (or London) lover will cherish daily. Perfect for any special occasion, champagne not included 😉

20. Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray – $16

This award-winning sea salt hair spray features gold mica, to produce a product that’s sure to become a favorite for any hair queen. A beautiful texturizing and moisturizing hair spray that adds beachy waves, while also providing a beautiful shimmer to any hair color. This product offers a sunbeamed finishing touch to any hairdo. A perfect gift for any beauty lover, your own personal mermaid, or the gal that wishes it was summer forever.


Still stumped on what to get your lady? Sound off in the comments with your gift dilemmas and we’ll be happy to help you get it all figured out! Or browse our Valentine’s Day Shop to see fun selections and the newest bundles.

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