10 Perfect Presents for Your Coffee Lover

perfect gift for coffee lovers gift ideas coffee themed

Do you have a friend that lights up every time someone offers them a cup of joe? Everything about coffee brightens their day: the bold taste, the warm comfort in their hands, the aroma of a fresh pot – and of course, the caffeine jolt. So, getting them a present seems pretty simple – but if you’re not a coffee connoisseur yourself, it might not be as easy you think. Here’s a gift guide with our top ten picks gift picks for your coffee lover:

coffee lover gift perfect coffee gift verve trial

Coffee Beans 

Of course a great go-to present for any bean-lover buddy of yours, is a quality blend that you know they’ll enjoy. This Adventure Pack from Verve, one of our personal favorites, allows your friend to experience six different samples and learn about different blends in the process. Order yours here.

french press perfect coffee gift coffee lover bodum
French Press

A french press makes a cup of coffee unlike any other, full of flavor and better for the environment. We love our Bodum, 34 oz and at under $20, a wonderful and classy gift for any coffee lover. Find yours here.


frother hand held wand frother best coffee gift coffee lover gift foam


Does your friend love a light and airy cappuccino to perk up their day? Help them make a wonderful frothy cup at home with a handheld frother. This wand is stainless steel, comes with a mixing spoon, is a number one seller, and is under $10 – click to buy now.


torani coffee syrup best gifts coffee lover

Coffee Syrup

If you have a friend that’s a budding barista, and likes to experiment with her coffee concoctions, syrups make a wonderful gift. Torani has delightful holiday sets, as well as your standard syrups, that your whole friend group will surely enjoy. Shop them here.

coffee lover gift perfect gift coffee lover coffee snob mug

Coffee Mug

A coffee lover can never have too many mugs, and luckily there are so many styles and themes to choose from. You can find endearing cups to speak to your relationship, affirmations to share your love, or an inside joke to share. If you’re interested in this gorgeous “Coffee Snob” mug, find it in the shop here.

coffee mug travel coffee mug best coffee gifts for coffee lovers

Travel Mug

If your coffee drinker is always on the go, you might consider gifting them a reliable travel mug to give them a portable caffeine experience. We love these Autoseal Transit Mugs from Contigo because they’re stainless steel, have an excellent grip, and are vacuum insulated to keep drinks warmer, longer. Shop now.

cold brew coffee coffee lover gift coffee gift ideas cold brew coffee maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If your friend is more of an iced-coffee all year round kind of pal, consider gifting them this awesome Cold Brew Coffee Maker, so they can get a quality brew in the comfort of their own home. Find it here.

Anthora Keychain

For your coffee lover that may already have all their basic coffee needs covered, or for the perfect throw-in accessory to your coffee themed gift bundle, consider this gorgeous Anthora Keychain. Made of brass and enamel, this item pays an homage to the classic coffee cup, ubiquitous to the New York City morning routine. Shop now.

Coffee Scrub

If your coffee lover is also a beauty enthusiast, you might consider switching up this year’s gift to this body scrub. An aromatic blend of organic coffee beans and mint, which double to stimulate blood flow while providing a refreshing and cleansing spa-like experience. Find it here.

subscription box coffee lover gift ideas coffee subscription box

Coffee Subscription Box

We love the idea of gifts that continue to gift throughout the year. If you’re interested in something like this for your coffee lover, take a look into coffee-themed subscription boxes. This box, pictured above, is from Mistobox ($15.99 per shipment) but for a full round-up of coffee subscription boxes, take a look here.

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